Justin Timberlake - Filthy

Responsible for lighting and rendering of various shots (walking down steps, grabbing boxes, cables detaching).

Intuit - Death Wish Coffee

Modeling / Texturing / Lighting

Hired by MPC to create the viking ship and implement it into all shots. I also was responsible for creating substantial lighting comps in Nuke which were used as a basis for the final look. 

McDonald's - Always Working

CG Lead

Hornet brought me in to co-lead the 3D production of this spot.

Characters were first sculpted and animated in Maya then 3D printed and painted for stop motion. I was responsible for look development, integration of 3D elements, camera tracking, compositing in Nuke, and pipeline management.


Modeling / Sculpting

Responsible for creating models of the Biped Hare, Mole, Fox, Weasel, Female Hair, and Beaver, as well as mesh cleanup on other animals.

Rocky Mountaineer

CG Lead

Responsible for pipeline management, creating environments, paper textures, animal rigs, lighting setups and a little bit of compositing.

Sherwin Williams - Adventure


Environment modeling and layout for the reef shot. Responsible all rock formation modeling, a few coral models, and all layout and set dressing. Also modeled some of the snow covered trees (foreground and background).

Battlecry Reveal Trailer


Character Modeling, Re-Topo and Sculpt Projections / Cleanup for Cossack Duelist, Royal Marine Gadgeteer, Royal Marine Brawler clothing, Cossack Brawler's fist weapon.



Created various hard surface elements.

Wolfenstein - The New Order

Modeling / Sculpting / Texturing

Modeling of the floor grates, stamper / conveyor belt, bullets, dipping machines, and spinning bullet clips. Texturing for shots 1 and 2, stamper, bullets, and dipping machines.

Slomins - Burglars

3D Generalist / Compositor

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, shading, compositing.

Swiffer - Steam Boost


Modeled various Swiffer parts.

Big Smack


Created exterior environment models, Referee, and did tweaks on the inside models.

Gush Doctor


Created the interior of the Doctor's Office.

Pool Boy


In charge of all set modeling and layout with the exception of a few props. Also modeled the bird and various parts of background characters.

Silk - Reasons

Modeling / Texturing

Almond character creation. Sculpted in Zbrush and textured with Photoshop. 

IBM Watson - Consumer Engagement

3D Generalist

Lighting and rendering for the spot. Modeled and rigged the intro / outro Watson logo.

IBM Watson - Taught

3D Generalist

Lighting and rendering for the spot. Modeled and rigged the intro / outro Watson logo.

Sherwin - River


Created the boats + sails, various trees, bushes, other terrain elements, and the canyon entrance. Did layout for the shady forest scene and wide shot of the canyon building.

Sherwin - Bees

Modeling / Layout

Created the hero flower and various mid ground elements for the garden (grasses, bushes, trees etc.).

Splinter Cell - Blacklist

Modeling / Texturing

Modeling and UV layout for enemy jackets, vests, gas masks, balaclavas, goggles, tactical gloves and additional detailing. Texture painting on many of these assets.

MiO - Mole Rat

Modeling / Texturing

Responsible for mole rat and zebra characters. Modeling done in Maya and Zbrush. Color maps painted in Photoshop. 

Google - Electricity

Modeling / Texturing

Environmental modeling and layout for Bedroom and Workshop.


Castrol - Tested to Perfection


Created the huge engine in the last two shots as well as the back injectors that distribute the oil.

ATT - New World


Modeled the Volcano Frog and schooling Netter fish.

Michelin - Alpine


Modeled the bear, hair and cleanup on the family, touch ups and alterations of the ice monsters. Painted textures for the family and car.